Best investments of the last year

In the semi-annual “Top 10 report” of AF Advisors, we provide an overview of the asset classes and rank funds that are available for sale for retail investors in the Netherlands.

Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity and Robeco High Yield Bonds are on the top spot for the sixth consecutive time. We obtain the most shifts inside the Asia Pacific Ex. Japan asset class, where the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainable fund retakes the highest position. A remarkable newcomer in the European Small & Mid Cap Equity asset class is the Kempen Oranje Participaties fund, with an outstanding 3yr gross return. This fund has changed its strategy three years ago from only Dutch stocks to a more wider European approach.

Top 10 ranking

The Top 10 ranking is based on an analysis taking into account several qualitative and quantitative factors. These include gross returns, Sharpe and Sortino ratio, total expense ratio, local support, availability and completeness of information, the fund’s consistency in our rankings, consistency of the fund managers and cash flows of the fund. AF Advisors does not distinguish between active or passive managed funds.

For each asset class, we present an overview of some key data to provide better insights into the asset class. For all the asset classes we show information on the number of funds in the asset class, the concentration of the asset class and the average cost level. We also show the benchmark that we use in our analyses of the asset class. In addition, we provide four different graphs:

– Asset class size & cash flow
– Return dispersion
– Volatility dispersion
– Share of index funds

More information and the complete top 10 report can be found by clicking the pdf button on the right.

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