Helping you make the decision. And make it the right one.

You’ve built your business from the ground up. You’ve worked hard and done well. But now you wonder about the next step. Sell? Grow? Merge?

You think it might be time to grow your company by acquiring one of your competitors. But how do you make that happen without compromising confidential information about your company? And how do you make that initial inquiry without creating the sense that you need them more than they need you?

You sense a great opportunity in your marketplace. But cash is tight. And without it, the opportunity goes unrealized. Where can you go to get the financing you need—without crippling your business over the long haul? How do you make your case in a way that presents your company as viable and worthy of their investment?

In each of these scenarios—and dozens of others—your first call should be to Ag and Food Associates (AFA).

We can help you identify and assess your options, choose a course of action, and then manage the transaction to achieve the results you expect.